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The stainless steel truffle mandolin is an essential to have in your truffle lovers' arsenal. Specially designed for this precious tuber , it offers a precise and regular cut. Using this mandolin, make thin slices of truffles which will add a delicate touch of elegance to your dishes.


What is a truffle mandolin?

The truffle mandolin is an essential accessory for any truffle lover . The latter is intended for slicing and cutting truffles, both fresh and frozen. This mandolin is not an ordinary mandolin, it was specially created, due to its size and the finesse of its cutting edge, for cutting truffle strips.

Why buy a mandolin?

When you are a truffle lover, it is essential to have your truffle mandolin in your kitchen stock. Using the latter will allow you to obtain thin and perfect slices of truffles , to be added later to your various recipes. This result is difficult or even impossible to obtain by cutting your truffles with knives.

Which truffle mandolin to choose to start with?

For practical use, Maison Henras recommends the use of stainless steel truffle mandolines . These products allow you to adjust the thickness of the truffle strips as you wish. If you want excellent grip, we recommend choosing a stainless steel mandolin with an olive wood handle.

How much does a mandolin cost?

The price of stainless steel mandolins varies depending on several factors such as its quality, its features or even the brand. However, if you are looking for a quality mandolin, specially designed for cutting truffles, it is important to plan an adequate budget to make the right choice.

Indeed, for utensils of this type, with very specific characteristics such as a fine and precise cutting edge, an adjustable cutting height and a robust stainless steel product, count on a budget of around 15 to 25 euros.

How to use a mandolin without cutting yourself?

The mandolin is a very practical kitchen utensil. However, it should be handled with care because an accident can quickly happen. To guarantee your safety, we will give you some tips for safe use.

First of all, we advise you to place your mandolin on a stable surface, such as a table, taking care to block it against an object to prevent it from sliding while cutting.

Then, for secure cutting, place your mandolin perpendicular to you on your table, making sure that the mandolin is always securely locked in its position. For secure cutting, press on your truffle with your hand flat on top. It is important that no fingers protrude from the sides, to prevent the blades of the mandolin from reaching them while cutting.

Thanks to these few tips, you will be able to enjoy your utensil in complete safety.

For which recipe should you use a mandolin?

The mandolin is an essential utensil in the kitchen, as much as knives, because it allows you to make a multitude of recipes. Indeed, your truffle mandolin will certainly allow you to cut beautiful strips of truffles, which will perfectly enhance your dishes after cooking, such as truffle mafaldines or even porcini carpaccios with summer truffle.

In addition to cutting your truffles, this utensil will also allow you to slice many products such as vegetables. It will slice thinner and more regular strips of vegetables than with a knife, which will allow you to have beautiful vegetable slices while cooking your dishes.

What to choose between a mandolin and a robot for good cutting?

The choice of which device to use will depend greatly on what you want to do. Food processors are very practical devices for various tasks in the kitchen, such as cutting vegetables. However, it will be much less precise than a mandolin. This is why, if your goal is very precise cutting, especially for delicate ingredients like truffles, we recommend using a mandolin.

Exceptional products, it would be a shame to damage your truffle with an imprecise food processor. With a sharpened blade and an adjustable cut, mandolins are utensils offering unrivaled cutting precision, thus preserving the quality of this black diamond.

How to maintain your mandolin

After each use of your mandolin, it is important to take the time to clean it. In fact, this step ensures the cleanliness of your device, but also prevents any damage to the blades due to food residue, such as vegetables or other ingredients.

While cleaning your device, it is important to follow a few rules, especially to ensure your safety. In fact, avoid using your fingers to clean the blades. Instead, use appropriate utensils, such as a brush or sponge to remove food remains; do not use knives.

In addition, for optimal safety when maintaining your mandolin, be sure to always wash and dry your blade in the opposite direction to cutting. This will allow you to reduce the risk of cuts.