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Truffles in all sauces. Black truffle or summer truffle, enhance your simplest preparations with our tasty sauces.
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Designed to accompany hot preparations such as pasta, rice or polenta, they can also be eaten cold on toast.

Made in France or Italy by our artisan partners, these sauces were created at the instigation of Maison Henras. Made with truffles and ingredients of natural origin, they are rich in taste.

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What is truffle cream?

Truffle cream is an exceptional product with an intense taste of black truffle. This is a culinary preparation based on Tuber Melanosporum. This cream is made by mixing carefully selected, finely chopped truffles with other ingredients such as cream, butter, Comté or even Reblochon.

Truffle cream is perfect for flavoring various preparations and dishes such as pasta, risottos, potatoes, etc. It will bring a refined touch and a unique taste to your dishes.

What are the best recipes with truffle sauce?

Maison Henras truffle sauce is a very delicious preparation that will enhance many dishes. We have listed for you our best recipes with which this sauce goes perfectly.

By mixing the latter with fresh pasta cooked al dente, you will obtain succulent and exceptional pasta with a sublime truffle taste. This sauce will also go wonderfully with risotto. All you have to do is add it to your risotto, making sure to stir gently to obtain a creamy texture. You can garnish everything with shavings of truffles.

Finally, this high-end sauce will go wonderfully with your meat dishes like steak, add a spoonful of truffle sauce for a simple and succulent dish with the good taste of Tuber Melanosporum.

What spices should you add to your sauce?

When preparing or using truffle sauce, it is important not to distort the subtle and delicate taste of black truffle. To do this, it is essential to pay attention to the spices you use to enhance your sauce. Indeed, certain herbs and spices go relatively well with truffles.

This is particularly the case with black pepper which adds a little heat and spice, salt which brings out the flavors, parsley to bring a touch of freshness to your dishes or even chives which bring a slight flavor of fresh onion.

How is our truffle sauce made?

Our truffle sauce was created by our team of experts and truffle lovers. It is made with carefully selected black truffles, without adding any flavoring, just the real taste of truffle.

Our sauce is a subtle marriage of two mushrooms, including 6% Tuber Melanosporum, garlic, shallot, olive oil and black truffle juice for an even more truffle taste. All of this allowed us to create a creamy and delicious sauce that will perfectly enhance your different dishes, such as pasta.

Black truffle sauce recipe


  • 20 g black truffles
  • 30 cl of veal stock
  • 80 ml of whole cream
  • 40 ml dry white wine
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Preparation steps

  • Finely chop the truffles
  • Heat your white wine with your veal stock
  • Let simmer over low heat for 10 minutes
  • Add your truffles and turn the heat to low
  • Incorporate your crème fraîche while whisking
  • Salt and pepper the sauce
  • It's ready ! Enjoy it with meat,…