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At Maison Henras, we have mastered the art of freezing, perfectly preserving the flavors and textures of our truffles.
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Maison Henras stands out by offering different formats of frozen truffles.

As professionals in the food sector, we have two freezing cells within our company. These professional cells operate at a cooling capacity of -30°C and allow optimization of truffle freezing. Indeed, the time during which the truffle freezes must be as fast as possible.

This process prevents the truffle from becoming waterlogged or accumulating bacteria. It also makes it possible to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the Périgord black truffle and to consume it all year round! Following this process, the truffle can be stored at -18°C for one year.


Can you freeze tuber (truffle)?

It is strongly recommended not to attempt to freeze truffles yourself; freezing must be carried out by a truffle professional. If you try to freeze truffles at home, the final product may not be edible or even dangerous. Freezing truffles (tuber) requires the use of professional freezing cells, which is particularly the case at Maison Henras. This method will help limit the creation of bacteria, so that the truffle does not become waterlogged. In addition, it is important to note that freezing does not distort the aroma of black truffles.

How to use frozen truffles?

The use of a frozen or frozen truffle or tuber is essentially the same as for a fresh truffle. In fact, the only small difference is that we recommend that you do not wait for it to defrost before using it, for the sake of practicality. In fact, it is relatively easier to grate or slice the latter while still frozen. The frozen truffle will perfectly accompany your various preparations at the end of cooking, enhancing them with its unique taste.

How to defrost truffles?

We recommend that you defrost your Tuber Melanosporum in your refrigerator. This method makes it possible to avoid breaking the cold chain and avoiding any bacterial development. In addition, it is important to note that once the truffle has been thawed, it is strictly forbidden to refreeze it.

How to store fresh truffles sous vide?

All fresh truffles from Maison Henras are shipped vacuum-packed. Upon receipt, in order to prolong their conservation as much as possible, it is recommended to remove them from their vacuum packaging and wrap them in absorbent paper before placing them in an airtight box. When it comes to frozen truffles, we also ship them vacuum-packed. You can store them in the freezer by keeping their vacuum packaging, which will allow better conservation.

How to cook with frozen truffles?

Frozen truffles or fresh truffles, the way of cooking them does not differ. In fact, you can use your frozen truffles , grated or sliced ​​in your different recipes. They will bring their sublime aroma and captivating taste to all your preparations. We only advise you to work with them while still frozen, which will be relatively more practical and simple.

The best recipes with frozen truffles

Frozen black truffle goes perfectly in many recipes such as black truffle rosties or even ravioli . The rösties offer an exquisite taste experience, with the crispness of the potatoes and the unique aroma of the truffle, while the ravioli, stuffed with a creamy truffle cream, are an explosion of flavors in the mouth. These two recipes combine simplicity and exception, for a simply irresistible moment.

What are good quality frozen truffles?

Frozen truffles are available all year round, but are they all quality truffles? What is a quality frozen truffle ? It is above all a truffle that has been carefully selected. At Maison Henras, our whole frozen truffles are in the Extra category, a sign of superior quality. Then, for a quality product, it is important to follow a rigorous freezing process which will not alter the taste and olfactory qualities of this black diamond , with its characteristic aroma and taste.

How are our frozen truffle packages delivered?

At Maison Henras, all our packages of frozen truffles , whole or pieces, are delivered by Chrono Freeze, which ensures that the cold chain is maintained. Indeed, if your truffles (tuber) are no longer frozen, it is important not to refreeze them as this could be dangerous for your health. In addition, all our packages are shipped with a gel block to guarantee the freezing of our truffles during delivery.

What are broken truffles?

Broken truffles come from the shards that separate from our top choice black truffles during sorting, selection or even cleaning. All these shards will be collected, then we will add crushed second-category truffles. Everything will form this mixture of broken truffles. However, at Maison Henras, we also add our delicious black truffle juice , which will add extra substance to your recipes. The broken truffles are a 2 in 1 product, the broken truffles and the truffle juice.