Privacy Policy

Date of last update: January 3, 2020.

The Privacy Policy below details the policy of TRUFFUS, a simplified joint-stock company with capital of €1,453,924, registered with the Toulouse Trade and Companies Register under number 848.366.472, whose head office is located 450 rue des tamaris 82000 Montauban (hereinafter “ HENRAS "), regarding the collection of personal data and cookies on the website accessible at the address (hereinafter the " Site "). It applies to all information provided by any natural or legal person using and/or placing an order on the Site (hereinafter the " Customer “), or collected by HENRAS during its navigation.

HENRAS respects the Client's concerns regarding the confidentiality of the information provided to it. By providing HENRAS with his personal information, the Customer consents to HENRAS using it, and transferring it where appropriate, in particular to process orders for products on the Site.

Consequently, HENRAS recommends that the Customer read the following very carefully.


    1. By using the Site, the Customer may be required to communicate to HENRAS his personal data (defined as any personal information directly or indirectly identifying the Customer) in particular in the context of his navigation on the Site, the creation of a customer account, placing an order or subscribing to the Newsletter.
    2. The collection of this personal data is in particular subject to the provisions of law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 as amended and to European regulations on the protection of personal data.
    3. In addition, HENRAS may collect from the Site certain information relating to the Customer's browsing.


    1. Purpose of data collection
      1. Through the Site, HENRAS collects and processes only the Customer's personal data necessary for the pursuit of the following purposes:
        • Customer relationship management: contact management, execution and monitoring of orders, deliveries, invoices, payments and accounting;
        • Remote complaint management;
        • The management of cookies;
        • The management of subscriptions to the Newsletter;
        • The fight against fraud.
      2. When collecting personal data, the information essential to the achievement of these purposes is indicated by means of an asterisk.

    2. Legal basis for processing
      The legal basis for the processing of the Customer's personal data may be, depending on the context in which they are collected:
      • - The Client's consent;
      • - The contractual relationship between the Customer and HENRAS, in particular in the context of an order;
      • - A legal obligation;
      • - The legitimate interest of HENRAS, in particular to personalize its communications, improve its services, fight against fraud or secure its tools.

    3. Data collected
      Depending on the data communicated or shared with HENRAS, the personal data collected from the Customer may include information concerning:
      • His identity ;
      • His coordinates ;
      • His orders on the Site;
      • His online journey on the Site;
      • His requests to customer service.

    4. Data retention
      Your personal data is kept for a period that does not exceed the period necessary for the aforementioned purposes, namely:
      • For the customer relationship: for the duration strictly necessary to process the order, increased by three (3) years from the end of the commercial relationship. In addition, the data may then be archived for an additional period for reasons strictly limited and authorized by law (payment, guarantee, disputes).
      • For the management of the online customer account: as long as the customer account is active, and by default, for three (3) years from the last use.
      • For the Newsletter: as long as the subscription is active, and by default, for three (3) years from the last contact.
      • For the fight against fraud.

    5. Data recipient
      1. All personal data collected on the Site is intended solely for HENRAS. In the context of navigation on the site and orders, personal data is nevertheless likely to be disclosed to technical service providers who perform services on behalf of HENRAS (including in particular the online payment service provider PayPal ), who have undertaken to process them in accordance with MOBATEK's instructions, only for the purposes of their intervention, and also guaranteeing their confidentiality, security and conservation.
      2. HENRAS will not transfer or sell Customers' personal data to third parties or non-technical service providers such as external marketing or advertising companies, unless it has previously informed them and obtained their consent or the regulations do not requires it.

    6. Data Security and Privacy
      1. HENRAS has taken the necessary steps to implement all the technical and organizational measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal data processed and to prevent it from being distorted, damaged, destroyed or accessed by an unauthorized third party.
      2. However, HENRAS does not control all the risks related to the operation of the Internet, and therefore draws the attention of Customers to the existence of possible risks inherent in its use and operation.
      3. HENRAS will notify, within the legal deadlines, all breaches of personal data to the competent supervisory authority for the protection of personal data and will notify them to the Customers concerned if necessary, if these are likely to create a high risk for the rights and freedoms of individuals.

    7. Exercise of rights
      1. In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 as amended, the Customer has the right (i) to request access, rectification or deletion of his personal data and limitation of processing, (ii) to to oppose the processing and the right (iii) to the portability of the data concerning him.
      2. To exercise his rights or for any question about the processing of his data, the Customer is invited, subject to proving his identity, to contact HENRAS customer service by:
        • Email to address,
        • Postal mail to the address 450 rue des tamaris 82000, Montauban
        • The contact form available on the page , accessible from the Site by clicking on the “CUSTOMER SERVICE” link
      3. If the Customer considers, after contacting customer service, that his rights are not respected or that the processing of his data does not comply with the provisions of law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 as amended, he is invited to send a complaint to the National Commission for Computing and Liberties (CNIL).
      4. In addition, the Customer can manage his subscription to the Newsletter within his customer area on the Site. He also has the possibility of unsubscribing by using the unsubscribe link contained in the Newsletter.


    1. What are cookies?
      1. This is an automatic tracking process which records, via the Internet browser used by the Customer and in a dedicated space on the hard drive of his terminal (defined as any electronic device allowing access to the Site, such as in particular computer, tablet, smartphone), information relating to the Customer's browsing on the Site.
      2. A cookie in no way allows us to access the Customer's terminal, or any information concerning it, with the exception of data shared with HENRAS.

    2. Use on the site
      1. Subject to the choices recorded by the Customer on his internet browser, and insofar as HENRAS uses cookies on the Site, any navigation on the Site gives rise to the recording of various cookies in the Customer's terminal, allowing HENRAS to recognize and identify the terminal used, during the period of validity or registration of the cookie.
      2. Any registration of cookies on the Customer's terminal is subject to obtaining their prior consent. This is why, when the Customer visits the Site for the first time, he is informed that HENRAS uses cookies on the Site, by means of an information banner appearing at the bottom of the page.
      3. By clicking on "Accept" or by continuing to browse the Site after displaying this banner, the Customer expressly consents to HENRAS being able to place cookies on their terminal.
      4. In the event that the Customer refuses the registration of cookies, the deletion of those already registered, or in the event of modifications to its parameters relating to cookies, the Customer is likely to modify its navigation and its conditions of access to the Site, and not being able to access some of its features. Where applicable, HENRAS declines all responsibility for the consequences linked to the degraded functioning of its services on the Site.
      5. The Customer may modify his cookie settings at any time, under the conditions described in article 3.3 below.

    3. Purposes of cookies
      The cookies saved by HENRAS, directly or through third-party service providers (such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel), allow it to:
      • To establish statistics and volumes of visits and use of the various elements making up the Site (headings and content visited, routes), allowing HENRAS to improve the interest and ergonomics of its services;
      • To adapt the presentation of the Site to the display preferences of the terminal used (display resolution, etc.) during visits to the Site, depending on the terminal used;
      • >Insofar as the Customer has provided personal data when ordering, creating a customer account, or accessing the Site, to associate this data with navigation information in order, for example, to display on his terminal, within advertising spaces on other sites, personalized advertisements;
      • To memorize information relating to a form completed by the Customer on the Site (creation or connection to the customer account) or to products chosen on the Site (content of an order basket, etc.);
      • To fight against fraud on the Internet (prevention of payment fraud, etc.). As such, HENRAS or its service providers acting on its behalf, may deposit, subject to the Customer's rights, tracers in order to collect information relating to the terminal used to place the order (in particular the operating system used, the location of the terminal, etc).

    4. Cookie management
      There are several possibilities for the Customer to manage cookies using the procedures described below.
      1. From the web browser
        The Customer can configure the internet browser so that cookies are saved in his terminal, or on the contrary that they are rejected. It is also possible to configure your browser so that the acceptance of cookies is offered from time to time, before a cookie is stored in the terminal.

        With regard to the management of cookies, each navigation software offers different configuration methods. They are described in the help menu of each internet browser.

        Chromium Browser
        Click on the icon at the top right "Customize and control Google Chrome",
        Click on “Settings”.
        In the settings menu, click on "Advanced settings".
        Click on "Privacy and security",
        In the “Privacy and security” tab, click on “Content settings”,
        Click on “Cookies” and manage your choices.

        Internet Explorer browser
        Click on the button at the top right "Settings and more",
        Click on “Settings”,
        Click on “Show advanced settings”,
        Manage your choices in the "Cookies" tab.

        Firefox browser
        Click on the Firefox Menu icon at the top right "Open menu",
        Click on the “Options” button,
        Choose "Privacy and security",
        Manage your choices in the “Cookies and site data” tab.

        Safari Browser
        Click on “Settings”,
        Click on “Preferences”,
        Click on “Privacy/Security”,
        Click on "Show Cookies" and manage your choices in this tab.

        Depending on the version of the internet browser used, the access path to the cookie management window may be different. If this is the case, the help menu of the browser used will allow the Customer to quickly access the cookie management window.

      2. From the Orejime plugin
        The Customer can also express his choices regarding the management of cookies directly with HENRAS, online on the Site by clicking on the “Cookie management” link.

        It is possible for him, by means of the plugin powered by Orejime, to activate or deactivate the applications of third-party service providers Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

      3. From the advertising cookie management platform
        The Customer can manage the use and operation of advertising cookies from the advertising cookie management platform offered by advertising professionals on the page and following the instructions given there.

        This platform allows the Customer to deactivate internet advertisements based on his centers of interest defined according to his previous browsing on the internet.

        Disabling advertising cookies on this platform will only prevent the display of any interest-based advertisements.