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Are you a truffle lover? Do you want to go on vacation, but you don't know where? Do not panic ! Discover our selection of emblematic places in the world of truffles which will allow you to combine angelic and touristic landscapes with your desire to discover the mysterious world of truffles.







The Périgord , a magnificent tourist territory , recognized worldwide for its cultural, archaeological and historical heritage , with the caves of Lascaux and the medieval town of Sarlat as a highlight . But Périgord is also the historical territory of the black Périgord truffle and the summer truffle , referred to by abuse of language as the white Périgord truffle .

Medieval city

Medieval city of Sarlat


  • In summer

Take advantage of your summer holidays in Périgord to find out more about the summer truffle , by visiting Sarlat to taste this subtle mushroom. In toasts with truffled butter, or summer truffle tapenade, you will taste it during a climb in the panoramic elevator of the Sainte Marie church . From mid-July, activities are offered by the town of Sarlat for lovers and those curious about the summer truffle : how to recognize it, how to choose it, buy it and cook it?


  • In winter

From December to February, in the middle of the Tuber Melanosporum season , nothing better than a getaway to Sarlat to visit its truffle market , rue de Fénelon . The perfect opportunity to shop on Saturday mornings and leave with the region's emblematic little treasures: foie gras, duck breast, black truffles, etc. The truffle market in Sarlat is a real reference in the world of truffles , because it is the first truffle market in New Aquitaine . And because Sarlat is definitely a city in love with black truffles , don't miss the Truffle Festival which takes place in mid-January (January 14 and 15 in 2023).

The Périgord is also a special territory steeped in history for us, being the place where it all began for Maison Truffes Henras in Thiviers , historically named Maison Bouton & Henras.



The Pays de Lalbenque is the main production center for the black Quercy truffle . Its truffle market , the most emblematic of the region , is listed as a Remarkable Taste Site . It takes place every Tuesday from the first Tuesday in December until mid-March with many truffle-themed events .

truffle market

Quercy Blanc truffle market



Aude has Villeneuve-Minervois , Moussoulens , Trausse and Cabrespine as ambassador villages . Truffle cultivation , which for many years remained secret and mysterious in this magnificent territory of Greater Carcassonne , has been booming for about ten years now .


Greater Carcassonne


  • In summer

When we think of the truffle , we inevitably think of the black truffle , the Tuber Melanosporum , but Carcassonne is also a territory where the summer truffle , the Tuber Aestivum , is grown . The latter even has the privilege of having a party entirely dedicated to her, in June in the village of Roullens . This truffle , less known than its sister melanosporum , deserves to be discovered, so during your tourist stay in the area, don't hesitate to go and have a look! During this day, the summer truffle is celebrated, in streets that come alive to the rhythm of jazz music and bandas. This friendly and family event, with free games for children and many exhibitions, has the assets to make you discover and love the Tuber Aestivum .


  • In winter

Beyond being a dish prized by multiple starred chefs and gourmets in recent years, this territory has made it a real tourist asset by multiplying the appointments throughout the year. Indeed, if you are on vacation in Carcassonne this winter, there is a good chance that you will be able to participate in one of its events such as the famous black truffle markets from December to February or even the Ampélofolies de Moussoulens which will take place on January 22, 2023.

“The golden triangle of truffles is an expression frequently used in the Aude to designate the three emblematic villages of this magnificent tourist department, Cabrespine , Villeneuve-Minervois and Trassanel . Within these three villages, hides a brotherhood: Los Trufaïres de Vilanova de Menerbès which organizes its annual “Truffle and Heritage” day , and will be held on March 5 in 2023. A day around the black truffle in which we recommend that you take part if you are around. During this day, everything is done to make truffles the main subject. Indeed, many activities take place, ranging from the most traditional such as the search for truffles by truffle dogs or demonstrations of digging , to the most folkloric with the blessing of truffles and truffle trees by the Bishop of Carcassonne . Everything is done for you to spend a memorable day around the theme of truffles .


  • All year

In addition, a truffle museum was opened in June 2011 not far from Carcassonne , it is the Maison de la truffle d'Occitanie . If you are in the Aude and want to learn more about truffles , we invite you to visit it. This superb 300m² structure has all the latest innovations in terms of museographic presentation, allowing you to live a most surprising experience. You will discover the history of the truffle , its environment, its delicate culture, its harvest, its marketing, its development and of course its delicious gastronomy. This museum is open every day of the week from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

House of Occitania

House of Occitanie - 32 Av. du Jeu de Mail, 11160 Villeneuve-Minervois


The territory of Carcassonne is definitely an ideal vacation spot for truffle aficionados . You can escape there for a few moments by taking advantage of magnificent tourist sites , numerous events and activities to discover this surprising mushroom in more depth.



The Vaucluse , an attractive and captivating department, is full of a multitude of tourist and cultural sites just waiting to be discovered and visited. During your stay in this charming territory , you can visit, among other things, the famous ancient theater of Orange, the former city of the Popes in the 14th century that is Avignon with its sumptuous palace, but also take advantage of the bewitching smell of the lavender fields.


Avignon Landscape

  • In winter

The Vaucluse is also a truffle-growing territory with in particular Carpentras and its truffle market , a real institution and one of the most important markets in France , both in terms of the quantity and the quality of its black truffles. It is an intimate, silent and authentic market, haloed by an indefinable atmosphere that surrounds this product full of mystery… It takes place every Friday morning, from mid-November until the end of March.



Aragon , autonomous community of Spain and tourist territory of Spain where you can visit the town of Albarracin . Lose yourself in the steep streets of this sumptuous city whose beauty surprises its visitors. Indeed, Albarracin is a unique place where walking, crossing its walls and entering its monuments will give you an air of the Middle Ages. It is often defined as one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.


City of Aragon


In addition, one of the most remarkable landscapes of Aragon and Spain , is nearby with the protected landscape of the pines of Rodeno , declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO . The color contrasts between the green of the pine forest and the red of the Rodeno stone create a space of strength and beauty. In its rock shelters excellent examples of Levantine rock art are preserved.

If you are a black truffle aficionado , during your stay in Aragon , how about visiting the truffle capital of the world ? Sarrión , a village with 1150 inhabitants located in the province of Teruel in Aragon is a place where the black diamond proliferates. Within a Far West atmosphere, in the region with the lowest population density in Europe : three or four inhabitants per km2. This village managed to get out of poverty thanks to the famous Tuber Melanosporum.

The region of Teruel , located in the center-east of Spain in Aragon , alone produced, between 2013 and 2014, the equivalent of 37 tons of black truffles , almost the entire Spanish production estimated at 40 tons, or even that of France , which is around 40 or 50 tons.




The Langhes are the perfect destination for any traveler with a stroller's soul and a gourmet appetite. One hour from Turin , the Langhes have agricultural landscapes as old as the world and among the most sumptuous in Piedmont and Italy . Within the land of the vine and gastronomic pleasures, you can visit vernacular architecture, made up of churches, fortified towers and mansions, classified by UNESCO .

Langhe region

Langhe region


  • In autumn

Among the emblematic villages of the Langhes , is Alba . undisputed capital of  the white truffle of Alba , it has managed to preserve a bucolic landscape to which you can only succumb! Each year, a fair specially dedicated to this truffle is held in the city, which attracts many visitors from beyond national borders . This white truffle festival is part of the tourist success of this magnificent Langhe region .

This gastronomic event takes place every autumn, in October. It brings together political figures, music and film stars from around the world . During this event, truffles and wines are celebrated, with concerts, street entertainment and tasting sessions. If you want a cultural and gastronomic immersion in the Langhes , it is essential to attend this unique event between October and November.

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