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Black truffle, Alba truffle, the truffle has a significant cost therefore it is sometimes difficult to obtain it to add a truffle touch to your dishes. Fortunately, there are excellent alternatives that are much more affordable to rediscover the characteristic taste of truffles. Truffle oil is one, indeed, a few drops are enough to reveal a dish. It will give a festive look to your recipes!

However, you have to ask yourself several questions before buying one.




First of all, you have to ask yourself: what is a good truffle oil ? It is very easy to come across a poor quality oil that will contain little or no truffle at all . Indeed, according to a study by the association 60 million consumers, manufacturers do not always respect the legislation for mentions concerning the black truffle (Tuber melanosporum): since 2012, the law requires that products bearing certain mentions must contain a minimal truffles . For example, a so-called “ truffleoil must contain at least 3 % truffles , while another “ truffle ” oil must only contain at least 1%.

Therefore, to choose a quality truffle oil , it is essential to read the labels, because there will be information about the product: origin, type of truffle : Tuber melanosporum or tuber magnatum pico , percentage used...

Next, the lowest-end truffle oils , with uninteresting taste qualities, are often prepared from mediocre quality sunflower oil and synthetic flavorings , whereas, on the contrary, the most qualitative are composed of extra virgin olive oil flavored by maceration of black or white truffles . Therefore, prefer extra virgin olive oil with truffles!

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The type of oil used is therefore essential to obtain a quality truffle oil . Therefore, within Truffes Henras, we strive to choose quality raw materials to offer you tasty and quality products. We therefore use black olive oil which makes its taste milder, with less bitterness than green olive oil . We also have grapeseed oil which is a quality oil with a neutral taste, ideal for seasoning. We also make truffle oil with hazelnut oil which has a very pleasant toasted side in the mouth as well as walnut oil which has delicious woody and fruity aromas.

Finally, be wary of using flavorings in truffle oil as this can be very misleading. Indeed, a truffle oil with artificial truffle flavor will taste very far from the true taste of truffles . Conversely, if it is made with natural truffle aromas , truffle oil has a taste more similar to Tuber melanosprum but still a little different from real truffles . This is why we recommend that you favor truffle oils without any aroma , that is to say an oil made by macerating real truffles in oil : which guarantees that you will find the real taste of truffles . .

As for the price, a truffle oil is certainly more affordable than the truffle itself. However, the type of oil , the variety of truffle and its manufacturing process influence the price of the latter.

On average, it is possible to find a quality truffle oil at a price between 13 and 20€ for 100 ml.



We select our oils following multiple exchanges and in close collaboration with our suppliers to obtain an oil that will be able to exploit all the taste and olfactory potential of the truffle . We therefore favor oils with a more neutral, less acid taste so that your taste experience is more enjoyable.




Our manufacturing process differs between the oil with natural aroma and that without aroma . Indeed, with regard to the oil with natural aroma , our process is as follows:

  • A base of extra virgin or other olive oil (hazelnut, walnut or grapeseed) to which we add our dehydrated truffle chips and a natural flavor (aroma exclusive to Maison Truffes Henras produced in collaboration with an aromatician) to bring the taste of truffles . This natural flavor has been meticulously developed by our teams and our flavoring partner. The complexity of its aromatic composition, made from more than 50 natural elements, gives it a taste that is very close to the real taste of the black truffle (Tuber melanosporum).


Regarding our truffle oil without added aroma, the manufacturing process is quite different:

  • A neutral oil base in taste . For grapeseed oil , there is no problem because it is a relatively neutral oil in taste. However, with regard to olive oil, this is more delicate because it is generally a stronger oil in taste. To answer this problem, we looked for a French supplier of black olive oil which has a much milder taste than the green one. Then, we add slices of dehydrated fully ripe truffles to the black olive oil . The truffles are "dehydrated" via a process that preserves the taste and odor qualities of the truffle.

Our manufacturing processes are constantly evolving based on customer feedback in order to best meet the requirements and expectations of our customers.





When you have finally found your truffle oil , you can use it in your dishes to flavor or season them.

Truffle oil can simply be used in mashed potatoes or risotto, for example. A simple drizzle of oil poured directly over the preparation served on the plate will sublimate the latter.

However, it is important not to use it in dishes with already very pronounced or very spicy flavors, because the taste of the truffle will be totally masked. It is advisable to consume truffle oil on neutral foods or preparations; such as fresh pasta, potatoes, rice or eggs.

It is also not recommended to use truffle oil to cook or sauté your food. Exposure to high heat could "destroy" the flavor of the truffle . Only black truffle seed oil can be heated while retaining its flavors.

Truffle oil can be used in a savory or sweet preparation, it will be all the more surprising! Dare a simple drizzle of black truffle grapeseed oil on a chocolate fondant. Delight guaranteed!


  • Use of black truffle olive oil
olive black truffle

Black truffle olive oil is ideal for seasoning your preparations, from the simplest to the most creative.

Simply pour a drizzle over mashed potatoes or risotto to bring out the delicate flavors of black Périgord truffles.

Use it also as a marinade for a scallop carpaccio. Its intense flavor goes well with veal, mushrooms or salad dressings, etc.


  • Use of olive oil and white alba truffle
white truffle olive

Olive oil and white truffle is a sumptuous marriage between the fruity and aromatic taste of olive oil and the allium notes of white truffle. 

This oil is ideal for seasoning. A simple drizzle on a summer salad, a scallop tartare or grilled white meat will ennoble these dishes and delight your taste buds.



  • Using Black Truffle Grapeseed Oil
grapeseed oil


Grapeseed and black truffle oil is an exceptional condiment that can be used in cold and hot preparations, because it is heat resistant. Its neutral taste placed in the foreground, the black truffle , its delicious aromas and its incomparable taste. A product with multiple possibilities for unlimited creativity!




Truffle oil is composed of more than 98% lipids and can therefore be considered caloric. However, as it is often consumed in small quantities, it will not affect your health.

However, prefer products based on olive oil , rich in vitamin E which therefore have antioxidant properties; or based on walnut or hazelnut oil for their omega 3 content rather than sunflower oil , with much less interesting nutritional properties.




Generally, truffle oils will keep for 12 to 18 months. Refer to the expiry date written on the packaging. It is important to keep the bottle of truffle oil away from light and heat, in order to preserve all its organoleptic qualities.


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