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Truffle markets have long been rooted in French culture. In general, we think directly of the black truffle of Périgord, the black diamond, which each year embellishes the stalls of the winter markets. In recent years, the regions have been honoring the summer truffle or St Jean truffle in various markets taking place in the lands producing this tuber. Enter the world of summer truffle markets in an article that informs you of the dates and appointments not to be missed.





The summer truffle , or tuber aestivum , is a variety of truffle, less popular than its Périgord counterpart or tuber melanosporm , but appreciated for different qualities such as its lightness or its firmness. It is harvested during the summer, between the end of May and the end of August, and its external shape is similar to that of the black truffle . Nevertheless, it reveals a lighter color on its gleba and in the mouth a slight buttery nutty taste.

The summer truffle harvested in May is on the other hand very different from that harvested in August, because it matures for several months. Its price is much lower than the Périgord black truffle , a gem of gastronomy, making a light-tasting truffle accessible to amateurs to refresh their palate during hot weather.




Throughout the season, truffle producers offer their products in markets . These markets are a major hub of activity for the regions of France, and a concentration of food lovers, merchants or sellers in specialized stores.

The summer truffle markets are annual events that take place in different parts of France. They are often lively, presenting stalls full of fresh truffles but also cooking demonstrations and cultural events. These are THE meeting places for truffle consumers, and many of them come from afar to obtain quality truffles at a competitive price.

From Vaucluse with the market of Richerenches and Carpentras to the Lot with the market of Lalbenque via the Dordogne and its market of Saint-Alvère, let us take you to the regions with the most truffles in France.






  • Place :

The market takes place in the town of Saint-Alvère, a small town in the Dordogne with 770 inhabitants. The truffle markets of Saint-Alvère generally take place on the market square.

  • date :

The market will open its doors on May 22, 2023 and will take place every Monday morning. The inauguration is from 10:30 am.

  • Program

On the Saint-Alvère market , as with black truffles in winter, each truffle offered is checked beforehand and then classified into categories in order to bet on transparency for customers. You will observe many stalls of summer truffles , and enthusiasts in search of the best truffles .




  • Place :

It is in Limogne-en-Quercy, a town famous for the Causse de Limogne and its Lavender fields that the market will be held in Place d'Occitanie.

  • Date :

The dates are variable depending on the summer truffle harvests, generally the period extends from June to August. On the other hand, the market takes place every Sunday morning at 10 a.m.

  • Program :

The " Summer truffle market " of Limogne-en-Quercy is the neighbor of the famous market of Lalbenque. This small market completes it because, while being less impressive, it offers local production. Indeed, the truffle growers all come from the surrounding area and offer their fresh summer truffles to enthusiasts.




  • Places :

First of all, the town of Vinassan in the Clape massif, is the " Truffle and flavor market ", the first Audois market for summer truffles.

Second important event, the summer truffle festival " Truffle and Terroir en Malpère " in Roullens, a small town with an impressive cultural heritage.

  • Dates:

The two days to remember are June 17, 2023 for the Vinassan aura market with an appointment at Parc du Thel.

In Roullens, "Truffle and Terroir en Malpère" opens its doors to you on June 24, 2023 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Program :

This unmissable event in Vinassan offers entertainment, a market of flavors, and even a menu around truffles . Like last year, various stands await you and music to accompany your journey.

The Roullens market offers tastings of Malpère wines and events that accompany the presentation of summer truffles and local products.






  • Place :

The summer truffle market will take place in Carpentras, a city known for its emblematic monuments. Meet at the Parvis de la Maison de Pays, Place du 25 August 1944.

  • Dates:

It will take place every Friday morning from May 19 to August 25 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

  • Program :

The Vaucluse is one of the largest truffle regions in France. The Carpentras market is one of the benchmarks for truffle markets in the country. It is a market open to everyone, individuals and professionals alike, and which honors the summer truffle during this period. This market is more recent than that of black truffles, since summer truffles have made a name for themselves in French gastronomy.



Go to the four corners of France to enjoy these fragrant stalls and meet enthusiasts and professionals in a warm and summery atmosphere. The tuber aestivum invites you on a crunchy and refreshing journey with flavors of hazelnut and fresh mushrooms.


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