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We all dream of being able to taste Tuber Melanosporum black truffles all year round. And if it was possible ? Indeed, the Maison Truffes Henras allows you to enjoy this gem of gastronomy in winter, as in summer! In partnership with truffle growers from the Perth region in southwestern Australia, we select the best Australian black truffles to allow you to prolong this pleasure!




The Australian black truffle and the one we eat during the winter are of the same variety: the Tuber melanosporum . They therefore have the same taste and have the same characteristics. The Tuber Melanosporum is round, with uneven roughness reminiscent of the facets of a diamond, hence its nickname " black diamond ", for an average weight of around 30 to 50 grams. It has a characteristic smell of undergrowth , musk and humus accompanied by notes of roasted hazelnuts.

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However, when Australia started exporting its Tuber Melanosporum about 5/6 years ago, there were big doubts about this Australian black truffle . It is clear that the power of its flavor is very real and that it even sometimes supplants that of the black Périgord truffle , especially at the start of the season! This would be due in particular to the Australian climate which is more regular.

The Australian black truffle is very tasty. Starred chefs have been able to integrate it into their menu and have perfectly combined it with summer recipes.




The Périgord black truffle , as its name suggests, is present in the South-West of France, in the Périgord in the Dordogne. However, we do not find this black diamond , only on this territory contrary to what we can think. Indeed, Tuber Melanosporum is also present in the South-East of France. Abroad, it is found in Spain, which is one of the most important producers, in Italy, in the countries of Eastern Europe or even in the southern hemisphere, in South America or in Australia.

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There, in Australia, the climatic conditions are substantially similar to those of European countries with a hot and dry climate in summer and then humid in winter. This offers perfect conditions for the black truffle . It is cultivated in particular in the regions of New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria, in South-East Australia where the significant presence of truffle oaks favors its development.




If the production of the country-continent that is Australia has exploded in recent years. We can ask ourselves when this black diamond arrived at the other end of the world? It was during the 1990s that the black truffle first appeared in Australia. The country experienced its first harvest in 1999, a little over 20 years ago. It's very recent when you know that the truffle was already cooked during Antiquity in Europe and already gave pride of place to princes and kings during the Renaissance!




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While European countries like France have seen their production drop, Australia has experienced exponential growth in its truffle production . Indeed, Australia now emerges as fourth in the world for the production of black truffles ! This ranking has been dominated for three years by Spain with its 45 tonnes, followed by Italy and then France.

In addition, Australian production has an advantage and not the least… its production has an inverse seasonality to that of the main black truffle producing countries which are European countries. Indeed, given its geographical position in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are therefore reversed, the period of the black truffle harvest corresponds to summer in our European countries. This seasonal difference allows Australia to benefit from a competitive advantage over other producing countries and especially consumers to be able to enjoy black truffles for a large majority of the year.




Should French truffle growers be afraid of this new major producer on the black truffle market ? Not really. First of all, because the harvest period is not the same. Indeed, the Australian black truffle arrives during the summer when the Périgord black truffle is no longer available for sale because it is no longer the season . The Australian black truffle therefore becomes a substitute, an alternative to the winter truffle. A fresh black truffle omelette in the middle of summer? It is now possible! Thanks Australia!

Moreover, the Australian black truffle is absolutely not a danger for the European truffle because the latter has a worldwide and especially historical reputation in the cultivation of truffles . Indeed, France, but also Spain alone provide 80% of truffle production in the world, so it is unlikely that they will be overtaken by a new country in the years to come.




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The Australian black truffle is shipped to France freshly harvested. Indeed, it is shipped within 24 hours, which allows it to retain all its freshness so as not to lose its taste and olfactory qualities. Once received in our workshop, we treat it with the same care as its counterpart in the northern hemisphere. It is cleaned, sorted and selected meticulously thanks to the unique know-how and expertise of Maison Truffes Henras , which allows us to guarantee you an optimal truffle quality.

Once this process is completed, we package it in vacuum bags for shipment, which helps maintain its freshness throughout the journey to your home.




Melanosporum is best eaten fresh at room temperature, plain and cut into thin strips to better highlight and appreciate its flavors .

To cook it well in the hot version, it is recommended to trap its flavors in a fatty substance: cream, butter, oil, cheese, egg or bacon.

There are a multitude of recipes for cooking black truffles :

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