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Our oils with black truffle petals from Périgord or white truffles from Alba, made in our workshop from our own truffles.
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    Vacuum-packed truffles + ice pack

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    Our oils are composed of high quality natural ingredients to guarantee a delicate and subtle taste. We use extra virgin olive oil, virgin walnut oil, virgin hazelnut oil and grape seed oil, from France or Europe. All our oils are made with Tuber Melanosporum black truffles and we also offer a Tuber Magnatum Pico white truffle virgin olive oil. We deliberately chose fruity oils without acidity to highlight the truffle and avoid a conflict of flavors in the kitchen.

    All the oils are made with our truffles, specifically chosen for these preparations. Made in our workshop, without synthetic aroma, they will allow the preparation of gourmet and original recipes. You can accommodate them in all your dishes, at the end of cooking, or on your cold preparations. We recommend the crushed potato with olive oil & Périgord black truffle for a first truffle experience at a reasonable price.

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    You are free to experiment with the different oils in the recipes of your choice, with the oils from Maison Truffes Henras 1820, creativity and culinary instinct have no limits! We have, for example, tested black truffle grapeseed oil (which is a neutral oil that supports cooking very well and brings out the flavors of black truffle) in a chocolate fondant recipe and the result was a real delight. Our oils can therefore be used in all preparations, from appetizers to desserts, but also in salads, soups, sauces and as an accompaniment to fresh products.

    If you had to choose just one, we recommend our grapeseed oil . It supports cooking very well and its neutrality highlights the black truffle.

    If you are looking for recipe ideas, we recommend preparing a risotto with mushrooms and parmesan, with Périgord black truffle oil.

    Even easier to make, pasta with cream , decorated with a few drops of black truffle oil....

    The ingredients used in the recipe of the finished products have been carefully selected in order to offer you an oil flavored and scented with truffles. For example our olive oil is an extra virgin oil. The truffle oil marriage works very well, the oil will imprison the aromas of the truffle to soak it up. The black truffle oil is made with broken black truffle Tuber Melanosporum , the broken is prepared in our workshops as well as the oils. We add about a tablespoon of broken pieces for a liter of flavored olive oil. We use natural flavoring in our preparations, our desire being to convey to the consumer a real taste experience, whereas most oils on the market are prepared with a generic synthetic flavoring of black truffle.

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    To please your loved ones at Christmas time, we also offer truffle balsamic vinegar that you can find in our culinary supplements. Upon delivery, we recommend keeping your oils away from temperature variations and light to avoid deterioration of the quality of the product. We have chosen a glass container in a small format (70 ml) to prevent the product from venting over time and therefore a loss for the consumer if the product is not consumed quickly.