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Original and tasty recipes for a festive aperitif around the truffle.
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Maison Henras has come up with aperitif recipes using its Tuber melanosporum to prolong the pleasure of truffles throughout the year.

Made in France, without synthetic aroma, from truffles selected by Maison Henras, these spreads can also be eaten as a "dip" or as an accompaniment to grilled meats or salads.

The aperitif is a convivial and delicious moment where there is nothing better to enhance and enhance it than the unique taste of truffle. An essential aperitif, truffle spreads offer a most exceptional gastronomic experience. Discover our range of black truffle aperitifs and spreads .


What is a spread?

Spreads are creamy and generally thick preparations that can be spread on bread, toast, biscuits or where you can dip vegetables such as carrot sticks and cucumbers. There is a wide variety of spreads , such as the most traditional: hummus, tapenade or even guacamole. Each offering different ingredients, texture or flavors.

These delicious preparations are generally made with quality raw materials; in fact, at Maison Henras, our truffle spreads are made with truffles from the best vintages. The Périgord black truffle brings its delicious and intense flavor as well as its elegance.

How is black truffle sauce made?

An essential base for many dishes, sauce is an element that will enhance many of your dishes. You can enhance the latter with truffle , simply combine your fresh black truffles with olive oil, cheese or any other ingredient present in your sauce. The truffle will enhance your sauce with its flavor of fresh mushrooms, musk and undergrowth and will transform your sauce into an exceptional accompaniment .

What goes well with truffle?

Do you have truffle and don't know what to use it with? Indeed, it would be a shame to associate this precious product with a food that will spoil its unique taste. This tuber goes wonderfully with cheese , especially soft cheeses like Brie or Camembert, the richness of the cheese will complement the complexity of the truffle.

The truffle also goes perfectly with pasta or even eggs, the latter with their creamy texture combine wonderfully with the umami flavor of the truffle. Finally, it is possible to combine this exceptional product with potatoes , which will create a most irresistible down-to-earth combination.

Tuber Melanosporum goes perfectly with many foods, particularly foods with a fatty base.

How to use truffle?

Truffle is an exceptional ingredient that must be used sparingly to fully appreciate its flavor. It will enhance many of your dishes by grating it finely on top or by placing a few strips on your spreads to add a touch of refinement. It will also wonderfully flavor your oils.

If you use fresh truffle , it is important to keep it carefully in a box with absorbent paper in your fridge. When you want to use it, it is best to use a grater or mandolin specially designed for truffles, which will allow you to make beautiful, thin slices of truffles.

It is important not to overload your dish with truffles, particularly Tuber Melanosporum or Alba white truffle, because their flavor is intense which could overwhelm your dish.

How to make a truffle aperitif?

You are entertaining friends and you want to impress them, a truffle aperitif is an excellent choice that will delight their taste buds as well as their pupils. Maison Truffes Henras has selected for you its best recipes for a truffle aperitif .

First of all, the summer truffle bruschettas , a fresh and delicious aperitif, which will amaze the taste buds of your guests. Try this recipe which will become a classic of your summer aperitifs.

Then, for gourmet appetizers, succumb to our mini truffle burger recipe. A recipe rich in flavor, easy to make, for a deliciously truffled moment.

Finally, our recipe for hot cabecous, an essential aperitif, revisited with Périgord black truffle. The perfect marriage of melting cheese and the intense flavor of black truffle for a toast full of flavors.